Showrunner/Creative Producer for Smosh's Eat It or Yeet It

Show Playlist

Over 80 episodes of Smosh's hit show with 100+ million views on YouTube and more on Facebook. I develop themes, create inventive and fun dishes, and co-host.

Lead Producer of Travel Series: Smosh Games Goes To Egypt

Lead producer on a branded three part series with Ubisoft visiting locations from Assassin's Creed: Origins in and around Cairo. Developed creative with the brand, and produced on location.

Creative Producer/Director of Pandora Valentine's Ad for UPROXX

Developed setting and tone for NFL players to talk about their Valentine's Day failures. Wrote questions and interviewed players.

Smosh Summer Games: Apocalypse

Executive Producer on a month long series set in the CA desert.

Producer of Travel Show Day Jobs - Peanut Farming

Lead producer on a brand deal with the National Peanut Board visiting a peanut farm in southern Georgia.

Creative Producer/Director of Casting Ourselves - GMM

Created and directed multiple episodes of Casting Ourselves including the Good Mythical Morning episode.

Writer/Creator of The Ballad of the Malheur Patriots

Ideated, co-wrote, and performed a satirical song picked up by The Oregonian.

Creative Producer/Director of Smosh's Gingerbread House Showdown

Developed the tone along with challenges for their gingerbread house making challenge.

Creative Producer/Director of Ramen Vlog

Created and developed an episode to explore a Smosh star's love of food.

Creator/Creative Producer/Director of TNTL - Stand Up

Created and directed multiple episodes of a new format of Smosh's top show, Try Not To Laugh.

Lead Producer of Smosh Games Castle Siege

Lead producer on a brand deal with Ubisoft shot on Catalina Island in California for Assassin's Creed: Odyssey.

Lead Producer of Smosh Games at NY Comic Con

Lead producer on a brand deal with Activision visiting New York City's Comic Con.

Baby Wants Candy World Tours

Producer for 7 years for the comedic musical improv stage show Baby Wants Candy for runs in Edinburgh, Scotland; Reykjavik, Iceland; London, England; and Adelaide, Australia.

Festival in the Desert

Associate produced a live show for Malian television from the festival in Al Qaida held Timbuktu, Mali in 2012.